About Me

Hi there! I’m Silvester Bertels, a digital product designer that focuses on UX & UI principles to solve real problems with digital solutions.

I’m passionate about creating unique, modern, and functional websites and application interfaces. My goal is to improve the client’s business and attract new customers by providing high-quality and user-engaging experiences.

Main Skills

User Experience Design (UX)
Engaging and valuable solutions
Web & Interface Design (UI)
Accessible and intuitive interfaces
User Research
Customer Journeys, persona's & holding interviews
Logo & Identity Design


Accesibility & Diversity
Make things easier for those who have it hard
Design for the future
Account for future targets and goals
Kill your darlings
The first idea might not be the best
Keep it flowing
Avoid cognitive overload at any cost

Let's work together!

Looking to enhance the user experience for your product or project? Contact me.